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Daily mangatetra


Stamp So please stamp here In Japan evidence...
Daily mangatetra

【manga-0272】Convenience store

Convenience store I love the convenience stores...
Daily mangatetra


Friends Heey Let's be friends Can't go out b...
Daily mangatetra


Hamburger What is this sad smushed thing? Com...
Daily mangatetra

【manga-0269】Dream for the future

Dream for the future My dream is to be either ...
Daily mangatetra

【manga-0268】A summer gift

A summer gift After the summer holidays Teache...
Daily mangatetra

【manga-0267】I really can’t!

I really can't! A beetle?! How can you hold it...
Daily mangatetra

【manga-0266】Summer break and loads of homework

Summer break and loads of homework Summer break...
Daily mangatetra

【manga-0265】Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat Ahhh Hm I guess this is what hau...